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     Laser Canada is formed by people who are representing the brick of the profession-- a group of academic, and professional dermatologists and engineers who are truly passionate about delivering a high quality of service to both Canadian citizens and laser end users.

     Laser Canada is the professional corporation for laser applications and safety. Our mission is to raise awareness ad increase compliance with health and safety legislation, and reduce work place injuries and accidents.

Laser Canada Instructors

Laser Canada's Mission

   We offer array of services to enhance your laser application and safety knowledge and expertise. We invite you to become part of the LC experience-to work together in promoting Laser safety standards. We will ensure the safety and effectiveness when used by professionals according to the manufacturers directions. We'll deliver a proper training in Laser Techniques and will be able to perform hair reduction or rejuvenation treatments with minimal risks to the Canadian public.

Eng. Tamer A. Khalil is a Biomedical engineer:

Diploma of laser applications in biology and Medicine, The National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences

MBA holder from Heriot Watt University - Edinburgh - UK

PMP certified from Pennsylvania, USA.

Dr. Ashraf Badawi is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Laser Institute, Cairo University, Egypt.

Visiting Professor of Dermatology and Laser Applications, Szeged University, Hungary Laser Consultant, Canada.

Vice President of the European Society for Laser Dermatology "ESLD".

Dr. Hisham shokir is a Professor of Dermatology and the Ex Dean of the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences - Cairo University - Egypt.

Prof. Shokeir is one of the pioneers of Laser applications in Aesthetic Dermatology in the Middle East. He was one of the first few physicians using laser in treating various skin conditions in the ME.  Prof. Shokeir has also been classified as one of the most important and influential 30 Dermatologists in the Middle East.